Persons of Peace

Luke 10 shares the story of Jesus sending out his disciples to find persons of peace.  Jesus says to pray for more laborer’s in God’s harvest for souls, to not take extra things and that going out may be dangerous. Nevertheless, His disciples are to look for homes that invite them in commonly referred to as “persons of peace.”

We many times use this model in our regular going out.  One such example of this happened as we went out today.  The cold weather persuaded us to find enclosed apartments to share in relative warmth.  Soon after knocking on our second apartment door we were immediately invited in.  We were offered seats in this African refugee’s humble apartment.  He gladly welcomed us in with out question and we were able to share the hope of the Gospel with him.

Coming from a Muslim background and a country that discourages any other faith he was now free to search out the truth.  He had several questions for us such as “why is Christianity different than any other religion” or “does God see certain sins worse than others?”  We were able to share that Christianity is the only ‘religion’ where salvation is from God, not earned by man.  Christianity exalts God as the focal point of history and creation and is honest about humanity’s fallen condition, guilty before God.  We shared that any sin is able to separate someone from a perfectly holy God.

He offered us water and bananas and said that we could come back to talk more as he had more questions.  We will pray for this man that God has rescued from a war torn country and is now drawing to Himself.   May we be able to continue to meet with Him and see God’s grace extended to him through salvation as He did for us.

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