Julie and the Seller of Kids Clothes

We had another opportunity to introduce ourselves to our neighbors with an interpreter! A street close to where we call home in a small market, tsena kely, and is filled with people who live close to us as they sell their wares. We started at the top of the street and were making our way down introducing ourselves, and sharing a story with them. I shared with the creation story with a charismatic church teacher who didn’t know what they Gospel was. I tied the Gospel in at the end showing how sin is so potent but God’s grace even more so. The picture below is of Julie as she shares with a group of women selling kids clothes. She is sharing the creation story as well. They seemed genuinely glad we stopped by and talked to them. Most of the white folks here are french and don’t have a respect for the Gasy people here. So they thought it was refreshing we took interest in them to build a relationship and share a story with them.

IMG_20160119_150808828.jpgSorry the picture doesn’t show the ladies Julie was talking to. There were 6 ladies and a baby.

Thanks for your Prayers for us and for them. They had odd names and I am not going to try to spell them.


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