New language in Mada

Julie and I have had several opportunities to travel around with an Interpreter to talk to our neighbors and the residents of the city we are in.

In this first picture I started talking to a couple of the pousse-pousse drivers about what an M is. Nobody had any idea. I got to share the Gospel with them and as I continued to talk a larger and larger crowd grew. I am sad not everyone got to hear the whole story but the drivers did.

Sadly, none of them were very interested. They thanked us for sharing with them but that was all.

Just a little down the road from there we talked to an elderly couple, which also drew a crowd, but there was little interest. However, at the end of our conversation a lady selling chickens and ducks came and grabbed us asking if we would talk to her. We shared the Gospel and asked questions about who she was and what she did. She is part of the Catholic church but feels God is not interested in her life anymore. She asked us how she can grow in her faith! We talked with her for awhile more and the interpreter, a strong believer, exchanged phone numbers with her. We hope she calls and wants to meet with Julie again!

IMG_20160117_160113230.jpgBe praying for us as we go and share the Life-giving Word!


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