Sharing at work

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Often times a struggle is felt when knowing how and when to share the Gospel in the workplace.  Of course if while obediently sharing a job was lost or persecution was encountered, God could give strength and provision.  But what is the right balance between sharing nothing/living as an example and sharing so boldly and often that obligations to one’s employer cannot be fulfilled?

Finding other believers at work has always been a source of encouragement.  When we can connect with others and spur them on or strategize together we don’t feel like we are in the battle alone.  People God is drawing to himself can be followed up with an pursued from multiple angles.

Over the past few years, I have tried to ‘take the spiritual temperature’ of as many people in my workplace as possible.  Surprisingly, I have many brother’s and sisters to go to for encouragement and fellowship.  The struggle begins when knowing when and how to share with those who are not believers.  Yet, I am learning more and more to pray and be expectantly watching for the Lord to provide opportunities to share the Gospel.

Opportunities have arisen in times such as going out for lunch together, early morning or late night working, business trips in small groups, commuting between offices, extra-circular office events and short trips to the coffee pot.  Not every day do I identify rich opportunities, but I have learned that the more I watch, pray and expect the Lord to provide, the more He does (or the more I am aware of the times He gives me).

One such conversation came last week at the end of a lunch time run.  As we walked in the last quarter mile because of some leg pain I intentionally guided the conversation to spiritual matters as quickly as possible.  Asking a point blank question, “how is someone saved,” he had no answer.  I was then able to share a short simple Gospel: repent and believe.  Pray the Lord will give me more opportunities like this to proclaim the good news with those I spend much of my time with every day.


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