Going out together

IMG_7488Going out into the neighborhood, knocking on doors and starting conversations with strangers can be intimidating at times (or every time).  However, when we go together, we find encouragement, accountability and someone else to lean on.  When we go out in pairs one person can engage in conversation while the other listens and prays.  We can help each other make sure all the truths of the Gospel are communicated or speak the same truth in a different way.  We are able to support each other and learn from each other.  As we engage in spiritual battle together our bonds grow closer.  Our community of the local church is strengthened and build up as we share the Gospel side by side.

This is the model we see throughout the New Testament.  Jesus sent out the 72  (Luke 10) in pairs.  Paul had companions for his missionary journeys in Acts.  There have been many times I have frozen up at a question or gotten to a point in a conversation where I didn’t know what else to say and the person I was with was able to interject with something very beneficial.  Other times as I listen and pray while the person I’m with is speaking, I can look up passages to offer into the conversation giving them support.

At Central Baptist Church, going in pairs, or small groups, has always been the model we use for corporate evangelism.  As we’ve shared over the years, I have learned so much from the men and women I have paired up with.  Going together allows those new to sharing their faith or who may be timid, to watch, learn and walk along side others who have grown bold and confident through their experience.

Evangelism is usually not easy but by God’s strength and with the support of other believers, God can use these broken vessels to save the hardest of hearts.

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