Training others to train others

Being in the inner city and having such great needs around us we often are approached by groups willing and ready to help us in ministry.  One such group came from another state as part of a youth group mission trip to our city.  As part of their time with us they led us on Wednesday night in music and teaching.  Then on Saturday we were able to help train them in how to share their faith and go out with them.  We didn’t chose the easy areas to send them where we knew their would most likely be good soil (lower income areas).  Instead, we sent them to the hard soil (of the rich and affluent).  Many doors were immediately closed, if opened to begin with.  Still in this more difficult area a few believers and a few follow up opportunities were discovered.  During our debrief we were, like always, encouraged to see that even out of the many houses we went to we were able to pray with many, share the Gospel with a few and were left with a hand full of open doors to come share the life giving message again.

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