“Your Young Men Will See Visions…”

Last Thursday, I (Samuel) was amazed by a conversation that I was able to have with a young boy. I had met him a few weeks prior to this while I was sharing the gospel in an apartment complex where he lives. When I saw him last week for the second time, he ran up to me excitedly and said that his family was getting out of the car. This gave me the opportunity to meet his mother and uncle and say hello to a few others, too. His mom said that she needed to get ready for work but it was fine if I wanted to talk more with her son (I always like to get permission from the parent if I’m going to be sharing with a child). The boy began to share with me that, since the last time we talked, he’d had a dream where God was standing beside his bed and talking with him. He was telling him plainly that he wasn’t living in a way that was pleasing to God. The boy said that he was crying in his dream and that he woke up still crying. He told his brother about the dream, but his brother didn’t take him too seriously. Since that time, however, the boy said that he has earnestly desired to change the way he lives. This gave me the perfect opportunity to talk with him about the life-change that happens when people hear the good news and repent. He was eager to listen as I shared the gospel message through various passages in Scripture.

This encounter was a very encouraging follow-up visit. The young boy was so eager to hear more about Christ. He’s still a little uncertain about the gospel, but we prayed together and he asked God to help him stop sinning. This tells me that there is an awareness and sensitivity to sin that wasn’t previously in his heart and mind. I was also amazed to hear about his dream, because I consider this to be a direct answer to the prayers of our church – that God would go before us and prepare peoples’ hearts to hear the gospel, and that he would somehow help us to meet those specific people when we are out sharing Christ with our community. God is working in this boy’s life to reveal his holiness and I’m praying that he will also reveal his Son in due time. I am in awe of God who promised long ago through the prophet Joel that he would “pour out his Spirit in the end times, that the young men will see visions and the old men will dream dreams”. Let’s continue to pray for a harvest in NEKC! In the meantime, let us be faithful to work in the fields that have been prepared by the Master!

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